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Although AC Fine Art was established in 1985 with Vintage Posters and Fine Antique Art, we have grown to include many venues to keep up with a growing industry. Ten years ago when the Andy Warhol market was starting to explode, we started handling Pop and Contemporary Art. We are now the largest and most respected Warhol dealer in the southeastern United States, and suppling dealers worldwide with Warhol, Basquiat, Lichtenstein and other works. Over the years our website has grown to include not only Vintage Posters, Pop and Contemporary Art, but we now have added Surreal, Haitian, Cuban and other international artists. In 2012, when the surge in Street/Urban Art has captured worldwide attention, AC Fine Art is now including both American and British Street Artists in our inventory.

Now Purchasing Antique Posters

Steven Steele has been an antique collector most of his life and progressed to Art in the 80s. By 1985, he was touring Florida doing Antique Shows and Art Exhibitions. In 2004, when the focus of the business was Andy Warhol and his Contemporaries, Steven started the Fine Art Expositions in addition to suppling dealers and brokers worldwide. Steven's home is now covered with a mix of French Posters from the 1880s to Contemporary works by Dali, Warhol, Rivers, Matta and Philippe Dodard, the most important living Haitian artist.

Contemporary Art

Steven has been a true Art Lover for many years and prides himself on being honest and frank with both the novice and dealers. "No one should purchase Art as an investment. You purchase art because you enjoy and appreciate it. No art will go up in value overnight, so you may as well enjoy looking at it while you're waiting for your investment to grow. However, I can guide you to the artists and images that might have the best chances to appreciate." Steven is more than happy to take the time to guide collectors of what might be the better investment, or what might fit your decor.

Contact Steven anytime at 305.742.7071 or

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Portrait of the Artists

Andy Warhol
Portrait of the Artists

L'Ecoliere au Buisson

Joan Miró
L'Ecoliere au Buisson

Boxer Rebellion

Jean Michel Basquiat
Boxer Rebellion

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