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Located in Florida’s largest and fastest growing Art Communities, we now sell both Wholesale and Retail Art from coast to coast in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Orient. Dealers and Collectors around the world have made AC Fine Art among the top Warhol dealers in Florida. Our prices are under the market and the condition of our art is always as promised. Our policy of a lifetime guarantee of Authenticity along with our reputation for quality art, shows why we are one of the most trusted dealers in Florida.

Steven Steele has been an Antique Collector most of his life, coming from a family of Antique Dealers and Auctioneers in New York. In 1965, Mr. Steele moved to Miami, Florida and started collecting antique cars. By the 1980’s he was President of the South Fla. Antique Car Club, which was only a beginning. Through the years, Mr. Steele has been involved with or been on the Board of many automobile clubs, professionally appraising antique and vintage autos. During the 1970’s and 80’s, Steven also collected hand painted Porcelains from France and Japan, vintage 1880-1920, as well as 19th Century furniture and antiques. As with the cars, he soon became very involved, including appraising and selling.

Through a natural progression of events, in 1987, Steven became interested in original Art Nouveau Posters. One poster lead to two, which lead to ten, than 30, and the rest is history. By the early 1990’s Antique & Contemporary Posters was opened in Miami. Aside from the website, Steven has exhibited at more than a dozen Antique Shows and Art Expositions each year. Soon posters weren’t enough and the stock included framed antique art by Lautrec, Mucha, Robbe, Icart and others.

The new millennium brought changes for everyone and Steven was getting bored with antique art. It was time to move on to Contemporary, Pop and Surreal Art. In 2002, Steven decided to make it official and opened AC Fine Art which catered to both wholesale and retail customers. Now Steven’s home is a pleasant mix of Vintage Posters, Antique Art, Pop and Sureal Art. His theory is that no one can go wrong collecting authentic artwork that they truly love. He boasts that he loves his personal collection while it appreciates in value every day.

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